21st Century Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

The use of lasers is redefining the possible in dentistry. Lasers remove tissue so fast, and at such an exact cutting level (just a few cell layers), that less bleeding and faster healing is possible. Some lasers cut so precisely, there is literally no pain. Lasers are used for both soft tissue (gum) treatment and hard tissue (tooth) treatments. In our office we use the well-established soft tissue lasers; hard tissue lasers are still being perfected. Laser dentistry is just one more way that Dr.’s Kosek and Kreager are bringing 21st Century technology to our dental patients.

Some of the Ways We Use Lasers

  • Adjusting the gum tissue for a more esthetic appearance
  • Treating periodontal disease
  • Quick and easy frenectomies
  • Lighting-fast crown preparations